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Life – and the Litfest – goes on!

Yes, it’s official!
We are proud to be offering two events in this year’s Bristol Literature Festival which runs from 10th to 25th October. Sadly it’s all on line but isn’t everything? The upside is that as long as you have an internet connection you can join from wherever you happen to be, in any part of the country (or the world). Not only that but every event is FREE, so do take a look at the whole programme and see what might tempt you.

Saturday 24th October 7 pm – Hidden Gems
Previously seen at Weston-super-Mare Literary Festival!
From landmine-sniffing rats to the mysterious ‘red gene’, Bristol novelists Ali Bacon, Jean Burnett, Kerry Postle and Heather Child share the three most amazing things they found out while researching their books. Delve into the secrets of famous Italian artists, the birth of photography, the Spanish Civil War and some astonishing quantum physics. You are sure to learn something new!
BOOK HERE https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hidden-gems-tickets-119942052909

Sunday October 25th 7 pm Story Sunday – The Great Escape
Short and snappy stories from our best-loved writers and performers This year we’ve adapted our usual format to shorter stories with maximum impact. So (drum-roll please!) in the line-up we have Just Write members GailSwann, Heather-Jo Reed, Kerry Postle and (from Torbay!) Suzanne Mcconaghy along with our invited guests:
Mark Rutterford, all-round writing hero frequently spotted at local livelit venues (who can forget his last year’s Banksius?)
Jonathan Evans, writer and raconteur, a regular at Talking Tales, whose first audio book was published last year
John Holland, winner of numerous short fiction accolades and organiser of the highly acclaimed Stroud Short Stories

Join us on our imaginary journeys, find out how writers tick, be ready with your feedback, comments and questions in an evening of stories and writerly chat.
BOOK HERE https://www.eventbrite.com/e/story-sunday-the-great-escape-with-just-write-bristol-tickets-119942624619

Writers at a story event
Writers at one of our previous story events

We hope one or both of these will tempt you. What more can we say? Except perhaps next year in Southbank, or so we hope. For now nothing is perfect, but your presence will gladden our hearts and maybe yours too.

Come and join us!

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