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A new topic for Bristol Women Writers, and a new guest on our blog who is – yes,  a man. (Our first in blogging terms!) But how can we refuse column inches to Richard Jones – our long-time supporter, organiser of the Bristol Flyer’s Word of Mouth evenings and, also, as director of Tangent Books, our publisher! Right now he has a new project. 

Richard writes:

Richard JonesThe continuing struggles of the High Street and the relentless global domination of Amazon mean that the independent publishing model has to change. So I’ve launched my first crowdfunding campaign to re-publish Catacombs of Terror! by Stanley Donwood. There are various rewards you’ll receive in return for your support and we’ve produced a highly entertaining video to publicise our campaign.

Catacombs of terror cover
Existential pulp spy thriller of doom!

Crowdfunding is an interesting process, it’s empowering and frustrating in equal measures. We decided to do the crowdfunding campaign with Fundsurfer because they are local – they are based at Temple Meads and about a 20-minute walk from the Tangent office at Paintworks. Fundsurfer seem to offer all of the benefits of the big crowdfunding organisations, but there’s a lot of personal support. Using Fundsurfer is very much a case of ‘Think globally, act locally’.

For any crowdfunding campaign to be successful, the backers need to play as active a part as possible by sharing and promoting the project. So please share FB and Twitter posts and tell people about the campaign. Please share the video and the link to the Fundsurfer page.

I should add that the book will be gorgeous and is a limited edition.

Here’s the link. Please share.

Thanks Richard for alerting us to this and to the other work of Stanley Donwood whom most of us know through his work with the band Radiohead. Of course crowdfunding (or ‘publishing by subscription’ as it used to be known!) is becoming more and more popular. Lots of authors locally and farther afield have been down this route and it seems particularly suitable for limited editions like this. Good luck with bringing it into the world!




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