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Panning for gold. Gail Swann is resting (not rusting).

Gail Swann writes: Finding myself in a period of writerly pause, or to put it more succinctly, ‘stymied by having too many beginnings’, I have been filling my head with the work of others. I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a run of cracking good reads (thanks to Nina Milton for book reviews at, I’ve…


Bury me in a Book

Jean Burnett wonders if she can survive the onslaught of technology. “But how can I live here without my books?” Wrote Balthazar Bonifacius Rhodiginus in 1656. ” I really seem to myself crippled and only half myself.” Any book lover will empathize with poor Balthazar. I vividly recall my feelings of woe when my home…