Are We There Yet?

Not the plaintive cry of young ones on the car’s back seat, but an intelligent enquiry about the future of writing.

Post pandemic, engulfed in political crises, haunted by sinister digital activity, is there a future for the written word, and what is our part in it?

We certainly live in Interesting Times, as the Chinese would say. As the temperature rises, and the planet appears to be frying, perhaps anxiety about language is merely frivolous, but I don’t think so.

I often ask myself why I am writing, and what point does it have. Does it matter whether we are writing historical fiction, fantasy/parallel universes or hard hitting modern novels? In the scheme of things, probably not, but we need to do it, if only to leave our quaint scribblings for more advanced humans or AI in the far future.

The consensus is that we write to make sense of the world. Every period of history has seemed chaotic to those living through it. Our writing measures how far we are along the road to a presumed Nirvana of some kind. There is still a long way ahead! Go write about it, friends.

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